St Mary’s Educational Society

The St. Mary’s Educational Society instituted over 30 years ago, a group of educational institutions headed by Chairman Mr. B. Arogya Reddy, Director Mr. Mahender Reddy and Secretary Mrs. Mary Reddy. St. Mary’s Educational Society established its commitment to educational excellence by adding in four more institutions – The St. Mary’s College in Jubilee Hills, Sancta Maria International School in Serilingampally, Hyderabad, Navaneeta Public School in Nellore, and the upcoming South State Business School in Chevela. Catering to the academic needs, from Kindergarten to Graduation, St. Mary’s Educational Society nurtures boys and girls to become men and women of influence, who are world-changers in their professional excellence and strength of their character. The society believes that quality education is among the most critical factor that transforms human life, it has taken the responsibility to set new standards in the fields of school and higher education and is committed to lead by example. It takes pride in having a foundation on the principles of integrity, high moral standards, dedication and unwavering commitment to education.

St. Mary’s Educational Society aims to be a pioneer in providing quality and affordable education to students in India and around the world. Enhancing the academic experience of students from all walks of life, inspiring them to become individuals of integrity and productive citizens of the country. Over these past three decades, St Mary’s Educational Society has consciously and systematically increased the availability of quality education in the spheres in which it operates and will continue to.


To foster globally recognized educational institutions of enduring greatness


  • Promote a holistic approach to education that maximizes net value creation.
  • Partner with the right stakeholders and empower people to make our institutions the most preferred.
  • Lead the change in education through knowledge creation and innovation.
  • Create and nurture meaningful learning spaces.


The St. Mary’s Educational Society is established on the values of integrity, excellence, fairness, respect, value creation and happiness.

St. Mary’s Junior College

The St. Mary’s Junior College was the first of the five institutions established by the St. Mary’s Educational Society. It began in the year 1982, as a forerunner in providing quality Intermediate Education in the city of Hyderabad. St. Mary’s Junior College since then, became a learning ground for more than 1000 girls and boys in the field of Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Civics, Physical and Life Sciences. With its programmes approved by the Intermediate Board of Education, the institution provides courses in MPC, BiPC, CEC and MEC.

St. Mary’s College

Established in 2002, at Jubilee Hills, St. Mary’s College is known as the most ‘Happening’ college in the twin cities. With a focus on not just education, the institution has created an environment that allows students to seek out academic excellence while enjoying their college experience to the fullest. From providing varied intermediate and degree programmes, to creating opportunities for extra-curricular brilliance, St. Mary’s College is the place to be because, as our motto states, “The future begins here”.

Sancta Maria International School

With the dream of providing quality, global education, starting from Kindergarten, the Sancta Maria International School was established in 2010 in Serilingampally, under the guidance of Mrs. Chaitanya Reddy, the school’s Director. With the philosophy, ”To educate is to prepare a child for life,” Sancta Maria offers qualifications for Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Secondary 1, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A levels. At this school the focus is the on the all-round development of the child by providing holistic education without compromising on academic excellence. The latent talent in children is developed and nurtured, laying special emphasis on art and music.

South State Business School

The South State Business School is the Society’s latest work in progress that aims to providing an environment that equips young graduates with a thorough understanding of world economics, sound leadership in business management and organization and practical know-how of how the vast business industry functions. This business school located in Chevella, Telangana, under the leadership of Director Abhiram Krishna aims at providing innovative programmes in Business Administration and creating young professionals who are nurtured to influence the world of business with a global perspective.

Navaneeta Public School

The town of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh is brimming with potential but a number of children are neglected and vulnerable. Surviving the hardships of street-life that drives them to beg or steal, some of them grow into troubled teenagers leading to delinquency. The local schools often have difficulty in providing the kind of education and environment that would make a significant and lasting impact on these children. The Navaneeta Public School is the Society’s response to this unwarranted negligence of boys and girls from less fortunate backgrounds. The School caters to the children of the marginalized and vulnerable section of the society, providing world-class education to those who can’t afford it, so that they can develop necessary capabilities, to compete in the modern day competitive world with the equal beginning. With its end-to-end facilities till high school, the school lays the foundation to break the cycle of poverty and build well-rounded, educated citizens who are tomorrow’s leaders and world changers.