Saint Mary’s Foundation

The St. Mary’s Educational Society recognizes  while the availability of quality education remains a critical need in today’s society, creating and improving access to this education is a far greater need. The St. Mary’s Foundation is the answer to this necessity, without the sword of financial burden hanging over the heads of deserving students – Because, affordability without compromising on the quality of education is a significant factor when it comes to using academics for social progress. While governments, non-governmental organizations, and CSR divisions can play their part in improving affordability, we believe that by doing what we are good at and in keeping ourselves focused on areas where we can make the biggest difference, we are effectively channelizing the limited available resources to the greatest common good of all in school and college education, the spheres of our true calling! St Mary’s Foundation reiterates and reinforces St Mary’s Educational Society’s unwavering commitment to nation building by increasing the availability, accessibility and affordability of quality education to students whose lives will be transformed forever!